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Understand what Process Mining is and how you can benefit from the power of this technology

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Process Mining is the x-ray of the processes

Understand what process mining is and how this technology can add value to your company’s competitive advantage

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is a technique whose main objective is to discover, monitor and improve real processes, extracting knowledge from data available in business software.

Process Mining offers insights and actions to organizations, relating machine learning and data mining, which ensures much more reliability in decision making to implement new and more efficient processes in organizations.

What are the pillars of Process Mining?

Process Mining allows you to discover, monitor and improve real processes in an agile way.

Process Discovery

Based on information extracted directly from business systems, models of real processes are automatically created.

Compliance Check

Based on what happens in practice, the insights obtained are transformed into solutions in order to promote continuous process improvement

Continuous Improvement

Real processes are compared with previously defined models, in order to identify and diagnose inefficiencies and problems in the process.

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What are the benefits of applying Process Mining?

More efficient processes:

Make the company more accurate in decision-making, allowing you to act directly on the root cause of problems, since you have concrete information on how the processes occur in practice;

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Continuous process improvement:

Analyze processes completely and accurately, identifying the source of each problem and transforming insights into solutions;

Reduction of operating costs:

Identify and eliminate deviations, bottlenecks and inefficient processes that must be analyzed or automated;

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Future vision:

Invest in your technology infrastructure and correlate data for greater predictability.

Process Mining can support business operations in driving business growth and resiliency

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What is the difference between BI vs Process Mining?

The main difference between BI and Process Mining is the level of analysis and results they produce, generating different types of insights.

What is the difference between BI vs Process Mining?​

BI aims to point out that there are problems in a process, while Process Mining highlights the root cause of inefficiencies and time and cost offenders .

In other words, it does a great job of telling you what the problem is, but not pointing out the source of the process change.

Meanwhile, the transparency that Process Mining brings to entire processes answers even more important questions, such as why it is happening, revealing bottlenecks, reworks and deviations.

How to apply Process Mining?

Applying Process Mining is easy and practical. The starting point is to transform event data stored in enterprise information systems (such as ERP, CRM and BPMS) into an event log to bring insights into business operations.

Then, automatic views of the end-to-end process are created, generating accurate and insightful information about the necessary improvements according to what is happening in the process.

Learn more Process Mining applications

Our technology can help improve the efficiency of any highly complex process.


Monitor end-to-end processes to identify opportunities to reduce lead time, increase productivity and profitability.

Banking & Financial Services

Have transparency about the company's financial processes and transactions to find problems that cause losses.


Discover the end-to-end patient journey and improve the operational efficiency of hospitals, operators and diagnostic medicine.

By process

Increase operational efficiency, improve financial sustainability and optimize your competitiveness.

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What is a process?

A process is a series of activities or tasks in sequence with the objective of reaching a final result that, in most cases, have a beginning and an end. The purpose of a process is to define a recurring flow of activity so that a task is completed in the most efficient way.

Some examples of business processes are: accounts payable process, purchasing process (P2P), customer service, patient journey, payment order (O2C), etc.

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Whats is an event log?

An event log is defined by a set of events that occurred for the execution of a process.

Each event is a specific activity that occurred at a certain time in the process and can be attributed to a single case, that is, a process instance.

event log

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