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Group 1000000631


Solution #1 in revenue cycle management and monitoring for hospitals

UpFlux is a platform that delivers a 360º view of the revenue cycle in hospitals to quickly identify inefficiencies such as billing delays, claim denials and financial losses.

The complexity of your revenue cycle may be causing you to lose money

The financial process in the healthcare industry is quite delicate and involves a series of specific policies and processes. As a result, revenue cycle management encounters several bottlenecks that affect the competitiveness of your hospital:

Delays in sending bills to health plans and receiving financial returns

The time for reimbursement from insurance providers is quite high, but it is also very common for the hospital's internal management to take a long time to send medical bills to the insurers. This factor makes the revenue cycle quite long and severely affects the organization.

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Invisibility of problems in the process

Your indicator shows a compliant average time for sending bills to insurance providers. But by breaking down the process, there are inefficiencies that, if resolved, would make you gain millions. That is why you are throwing money away: by not clearly visualizing your process.

High rate of claim denials

Add different insurance policies with thousands of patient information to collect, and you will have the perfect formula for communication noise between hospitals and insurers. This noise brings a high rate of denials that fiercely compromise your cash flow and can result in significant losses for the hospital.

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Dissatisfaction among the hospital's clinical staff

An inefficient andunpredictable revenue cycle not only hinders the payment of suppliers and general expenses, but also the salaries of your clinical staff and, consequently, the dissatisfaction of professionals.

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Artificial intelligence to make your process more efficient and profitable

That’s what we do. Our solution uses advanced Process Mining technology to give you complete clarity on your process and take actions that will really bring more money to your business.

Discover problems with X-ray vision

Take an X-ray of your company’s processes and identify where the roots of bottlenecks are that are causing your hospital to lose money.

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Automatically monitor

Monitor the heart of your business: your process. By inspecting the steps of your actual process and automatically comparing them to predefined models, you can detect irregularities before they become bigger problems.

Continuously improve

Stay ahead of your competition with high-performance management. Transform your data into insights and insights into effective solutions to promote continuous process improvement.

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Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631

Everything you need to maximize working capital in a single platform

Say goodbye to a fragmented view of your operation. The UpFlux platform uses data available in your ERP to show you in detail what problems impact your working capital and opportunities to save money.

Reduce the time it takes to send medical bills to insurance providers


Significantly reduce the time it takes to receive payments from insurance providers and insurers


Reduce the institution's denial rate


Have a clear view of the billing process, showing all its stages, from the surgical notice to the payment receipt


Identify bottlenecks and issues in the financial process, allowing for quick and efficient implementation of solutions


Identify payment patterns from insurance providers and insurers


Maximize process compliance according to business rules, minimizing financial losses

Results that you can achieve

$ 1.5 Million

in cost reduction opportunities in just 6 months

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of inefficiency reduction in processes


of savings, considering the cost of the UpFlux solution

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in operational effort reduction

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Upflux is globally recognized as a leader in Process Mining technology

You can trust us! We have been recognized as the only platform from Latin America globally recognized among the leaders in Process Mining technology by Gartner Peer Insights.

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What our clients say


Mais de 90 instituições já são mais eficientes com a UpFlux.

"Process Mining helped us analyze company data to identify bottlenecks, process deviations, and refluxes that should not occur, as well as to compare performance between different shifts or specific teams."
Data Engineer Specialist
"The technology helped us identify variability and standardize processes according to the best performance presented, comparing between teams and branches. With this, we were able to identify opportunities for automation."
Director of Innovation
"UpFlux helped us increase team productivity, reduce machine setup times, rework, and costs. We optimized our routine with shift distribution and reduced the need for repetitions."
Production Manager
Santa Isabel
AC Camargo

Until when will your hospital revenue cycle breathe on life support?

Talk to one of our experts and understand how you will achieve amazing results with the #1 Process Mining platform in Latin America.