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Group 1000000631
Group 1000000631


UpFlux Process Mining for Healthcare

Optimize operational efficiency, increase your bottom line and improve the patient experience.


Have transparency to correct inefficiencies

Have transparency to correct inefficiencies UpFlux allows deep analysis of the hospital journey to detect problems that hinder the proper functioning of the service and administrative processes. Achieve a higher level of hospital excellence.

Group 1000000631

Accelerate innovation in healthcare

UpFlux solutions accelerate the hospital innovation journey, contributing to excellence in patient care and operational efficiency.

Solutions for Hospitals

Improve patient experience and hospital efficiency.

Emergency Department

Reduce waiting time, medical decision time, overcrowding and optimize your Emergency Care NPS.

Bed Management

Drive bed turnover to ensure hospital economic and operational sustainability.

Surgery Center

Maximize CC capacity utilization, reduce times and improve hospital billing.

Hospitalization and Dehospitalization

Reduce patient length of stay and eliminate overdue days to improve the financial return on hospitalizations.

Revenue cycle

Make your revenue cycle more efficient and profitable by reducing denials, minimizing billing and payment turnaround times, and gaining visibility into the entire process.

Group 1000000631

Solutions for Health Plan Operators

Optimize account auditing, take care of beneficiary health and compare providers.

Medical Account Auditing

Increase medical bill audit productivity and reduce overpayments.

Chronic Patients

Monitor the patient's journey following guidelines, standards, protocols, and care pathways to deliver excellence in patient care to beneficiaries.


What our customers say

UpFlux serves large hospitals, health insurance companies, oncology centers, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

“Without a doubt, the tool has been very important for decision-making, and we have already seen reductions in waste/costs from the improvements implemented in the processes.”
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Quality Coordinator
Santa Isabel Hospital
“The tool shows that we can reduce hospitalization time with some conducts, in an automated and more agile way.”
Alisson Valerio 1
Innovation Director
Unimed Brasil
"UpFlux helped us increase team productivity, reduce machine setup times, rework and costs. We optimize the routine with shift distribution and reduce the need for repetitions."
Cleonice Dasa
Production Manager

UpFlux results

UpFlux helps discover, monitor and improve healthcare processes to reduce waste and deliver better patient value

BRL 1.5 million

Opportunities for cost reduction identified in only one line of care

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Reducing the length of stay of patients in the Emergency Room


Increased productivity in auditing medical bills

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Reduced hospital fees per month with our platform

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AC Camargo
Hospital Mãe de Deus
Hospital Angelina Caron


Improve hospital efficiency and financial return​

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